Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

Stitch by stitch

Hi creativecats,
Today it's just a short post, because I have so much to do with my new etsy shop and not so much time for writing and stitching -_-
Most of my time I'm at my sewingmachine and make some new stuff and cuties <3

If you wanna see, you can look at my

At my first post I showed you my embroider and told you, that I used 2 threads. This was defently to much >_< because the fabric is very small.  Now I use just one and it looks great :D

left 2 threads and right 1 thread

Next time I'll show you the finished embroider and why I'm stitching ^_^

I wish you all a nice day an be creativ
<3 Kayila