Dienstag, 19. März 2013


Hey dear cats and kittys ^_^

A few days ago i bought many diffrent colors of my stitching yarn and now I've a mess xD

it looks like spring <3
But now I've to clean up the mess!
I bought 1mm thick paperboard for cutting out some cards. First I drew a template at a thin paperboard. Than I copied it at the thick paperboard and cut it out ^_^

 What a luck, that my boyfried was helping me to reel the yarn up ^_^ It needed some time, but after this it feeled sooooo good :D

And it looks soo good <3

The numbers on the cards show me what color is it.

Now my cutiestars have their own place ;)

It's easier to find the right color for my stitching projekts but this is for the next post ^_^

Nice day for you all
<3 Kayila

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