Freitag, 15. März 2013

Let's start ^_^

Hi creative cats ^_^

It's me Mario.. aww.. no.. Kayila
Maybe you know me from Instagram (kreativmiez) or my other blog (kreativmiez@wordpress).
Now I think it's time to make some things new and so I start now a newchapter with a new blog ;)
I'm from germany and I think my english is ok, but not perfect xD if you are not understand something or wanna know it in german, you can send me a PM

And now it's time to be creative <3

At the last time I begann cross stitching and I wanna show you how modern it could be ^_^
Do you know 8bit pictures? It's the best for stitching or search at google for cross stitch pattern. You'll find many pics! If you not find what you're searching for, you can use this page:
this is a page where you can change a picture in a cross stitch pattern. <3

My stitching at this moment. I use 2 thread, but it could be too much, because it's to thick. Next time I'll try to use just one thread and than I'll show you how it fits.

If you have questions feel free to ask me ^_^


<3 Kayila

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