Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

Last minute easter decoration for nerds ^_^

My love and I are a little bit nerdy ^_^ and so we need a nerdy easterdecoration for "nerdster" :D
The simple thing is Yoshis egg! I searched at google for a pixelpicture of the egg and found one <3
and now we need some meltbeads (I used the one from Hama) and a plate.

 I was too excited, that I put the beads at the plate before I could made a picture :D
it fit three eggs on the plate and I like it colorful, so now I do three different. After this we have to melt the beads together ^_^
I used an iron, but it's very important to use baking paper!

Now only one thread pulled through the beads aaaannnd..
 Ready!! ^_^

Hihi ^_^ it looks best at my bonsai.

I wish you all very nice easterdays and best regards to the easter bunny!
<3 Kayila

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