Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

crochet hook makeover

Hi guys ^_^

I have discovered for myself crochet. That is sooo cool and so easy <3 
If anyone wants, I'll teach it to you ;)

And so I spontaneously can crochet all I would like, I needed several crochet hooks. At ebay I found a set for 4€ 

But after crocheting some baby-chucks with the small hooks I've noticed that it hurts a little bit -_- I saw at Instagram that someone covered it up with polymer clay.
I used a german polymer clay called "Fimo" purple and a white with glitter <3 Mixed it together and rolled it around a crochet hook and put it into the oven. 
Tadaaa :D

I love it!! And it feels great to crochet with this new crochet hooks <3 ^_^ and this are my favorit colors!! Do you like it?

Best wishes <3

Hi Leute  ^ _ ^

Ich habe das Häkeln für entdeckt. Das ist sooo cool und so einfach <3

Wenn jemand mag, bring ich es euch gern bei ;)

Und damit ich ganz spontan alles häkeln kann, worauf ich Lust habe, brauchte ich verschiedene Häkelnadeln. Bei ebay fand ich ein Set für 4
Aber nachdem ich Baby-Chucks gehäkelt habe, hab ic leider bemerkt, dass die schmalen nadeln etwas schmerzen -_- Doof! Auf Instagram habe ich gesehen, wie jemand solche Nadeln mit Ofenknete ummantelt hatte. 
Ich habe Fimo verwendet, in den Farben lila und weiß mit Glitter <3 Das hab ich dann einfach grob zusammengedreht und dann um die einzelnen Nadeln gerollt ^_^ Danach in den Backofen (Zeit beachten)
Tadaaaa :D

Ich liebe es total! Es macht total Spaß nun zu häkeln <3 ^_^ und es sind meine Lieblingsfarben!! Mögt ihr es? 

Liebe Grüße


Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

Stitch by stitch

Hi creativecats,
Today it's just a short post, because I have so much to do with my new etsy shop and not so much time for writing and stitching -_-
Most of my time I'm at my sewingmachine and make some new stuff and cuties <3

If you wanna see, you can look at my

At my first post I showed you my embroider and told you, that I used 2 threads. This was defently to much >_< because the fabric is very small.  Now I use just one and it looks great :D

left 2 threads and right 1 thread

Next time I'll show you the finished embroider and why I'm stitching ^_^

I wish you all a nice day an be creativ
<3 Kayila

Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

Last minute easter decoration for nerds ^_^

My love and I are a little bit nerdy ^_^ and so we need a nerdy easterdecoration for "nerdster" :D
The simple thing is Yoshis egg! I searched at google for a pixelpicture of the egg and found one <3
and now we need some meltbeads (I used the one from Hama) and a plate.

 I was too excited, that I put the beads at the plate before I could made a picture :D
it fit three eggs on the plate and I like it colorful, so now I do three different. After this we have to melt the beads together ^_^
I used an iron, but it's very important to use baking paper!

Now only one thread pulled through the beads aaaannnd..
 Ready!! ^_^

Hihi ^_^ it looks best at my bonsai.

I wish you all very nice easterdays and best regards to the easter bunny!
<3 Kayila

Dienstag, 19. März 2013


Hey dear cats and kittys ^_^

A few days ago i bought many diffrent colors of my stitching yarn and now I've a mess xD

it looks like spring <3
But now I've to clean up the mess!
I bought 1mm thick paperboard for cutting out some cards. First I drew a template at a thin paperboard. Than I copied it at the thick paperboard and cut it out ^_^

 What a luck, that my boyfried was helping me to reel the yarn up ^_^ It needed some time, but after this it feeled sooooo good :D

And it looks soo good <3

The numbers on the cards show me what color is it.

Now my cutiestars have their own place ;)

It's easier to find the right color for my stitching projekts but this is for the next post ^_^

Nice day for you all
<3 Kayila

Freitag, 15. März 2013

Let's start ^_^

Hi creative cats ^_^

It's me Mario.. aww.. no.. Kayila
Maybe you know me from Instagram (kreativmiez) or my other blog (kreativmiez@wordpress).
Now I think it's time to make some things new and so I start now a newchapter with a new blog ;)
I'm from germany and I think my english is ok, but not perfect xD if you are not understand something or wanna know it in german, you can send me a PM

And now it's time to be creative <3

At the last time I begann cross stitching and I wanna show you how modern it could be ^_^
Do you know 8bit pictures? It's the best for stitching or search at google for cross stitch pattern. You'll find many pics! If you not find what you're searching for, you can use this page:
this is a page where you can change a picture in a cross stitch pattern. <3

My stitching at this moment. I use 2 thread, but it could be too much, because it's to thick. Next time I'll try to use just one thread and than I'll show you how it fits.

If you have questions feel free to ask me ^_^


<3 Kayila